Y Viva … Mallorca!

For my birthday, the lovely husband took me to Mallorca for a few days.

It wasn’t the first time for me – I was a holiday rep back there in my early twenties and have been back a few times for family hols with Big Sis and Awesome Niece. A first for Hubby though and I am delighted to tell you all that he actually liked it! Yay – I wanted to prove to him that Mallorca isn’t all about Club 18-30 Magaluf style partying. Hopefully, my little photo collage below goes some way to showing that too.


We had a great time – some sight-seeing and some proper relaxing at our b&b – Petit Hotel Alaro – which we would both highly recommend. And we even got some sunshine which was an unexpected surprise.

So generally, apart from turning my ankle and taking a tumble in front of a table of regulars in a local restaurant and being a lot less able to wander and walk than I would have liked, we had a wonderful time. So there.

On a less pleasant note, I am starting Cycle Two of the new chemo on Friday. Cycle One went ok I reckon – extra fatigue mainly if that’s even possible!! And certainly no infections or the like. So hopefully, Cycle Two will be just as uneventful.

See, snuck a little cancer update in there with the fun holiday stuff … sneaky me!!

Mwa ha ha ha x



So my beloved husband gave me a big old voucher for some beauty treatments at a salon local to us here in yellowbelly Lincolnshire and I finally got round to using it.

The salon is called Serendipity and is in a lovely barn conversion in Heckington. Big Sis and I had a lovely afternoon tea – followed by an Indian head massage for her and a luxury pedi for me. It was LOVELY. So lovely, we’re going back for more in a couple of weeks to use up the rest of the vouchers.

Basically, highly recommended … Although Big Sis and I both reckon our cakes are slightly better than theirs and are tempted to take some into the salon for them to try 😉


Soooooo long ….

Okay, okay! I’m sorry! It has been so, so very long since I last posted. Nothing about cupcakes, nothing about cancer and nothing about general stuff either. I am a very naughty blogger and I can only apologise for my veritable slackness! There you are – big apology – now let’s get on with it.

Last time we talked health wise I had just been diagnosed with metasteses in the lining of my brain and I’d had some full brain radiotherapy to try and slow them down. The good news is that the radiotherapy has had a positive effect and continues to do so so things are a bit improved in the brain box area – hurrah!

That said, the new fangled chemo we tried towards the middle / end of last year – called Erubilin – didn’t work so well for me so we stopped that and some of the docs at UCH decided that they didn’t think they had any other options for us to try. I know – very dramatic and upsetting at the time! Fortunately some of the other docs disagreed. While we all have to come to terms with the fact that we will run out of options before too long and my brain mets (which can’t be treated further) will come and get me as it were, the other docs reckoned there were still some chemo options to explore if we wanted to carry on the fight – hells yeah, obviously!

So, where are we now? Well since all this, we’ve moved up to Lincolnshire to be closer to my slightly insane family. We’re living in a cute little bungalow a few doors down from my big sis. Mr T is commuting down to London three days a week and working from home the other two days.

Medically, I’ve been moved to Peterborough and they are even more positive about continuing to fight the disease for as long as possible which is really great obviously. I started a new chemo last Friday – basically although my brain mets are better, my liver mets are worse so we want to try and get that under control. It’s called Vinorelbine, or similar, and is pill-based like the Capecitabine I’ve had before. It seems to be ok with it so far – a couple of days of proper fatigue so far but generally ok.

And how do I feel? Not great a lot of the time – I get very tired and because of some of the medication I am on my muscles are a bit crappy. I’ve also put on loads of weight – partly due to medication but also the fatigue and me continuing to bake and eat cake like big old moo. I basically look like Moomin Mamma …. But what can you do 🙂


So hopefully this is the first of a new burst of blogs comin’ atcha from Sunny Lincolnshire! Don’t say you don’t want it – I won’t believe you!

Love you all!

Mwa xxx

Kenwood Is King

My mum was given a Kenwood Chef as a wedding present in 1970. I can remember baking cakes with my mum throughout my childhood and this fabulous, noisy, mechanical monster was always there and even just the sound of it can take me right back.

Bored of waiting for mum to pop her clogs – which would inevitably lead to me and Big Sis fighting over this one item – I decided to buy one for myself on Ebay! None of your new fangled £300 Kenwood Chefs though – it had to look and sound exactly like my mum’s.

I managed to find one for a reasonable price, ready for collection just down the road!!! Hurrah!!!!

It looks like this …

Kenwood Chef

Sexy, sexy ….

And I loves it. Many cakes have been born in it already and more are to come. And what’s more important is it makes me smile literally every time I switch it on.



Hi all,

We done a BALL!!! Yay!

I’ve taken to ignoring the fact I’m having chemo at the moment and booking loads of things into my diary on the assumption that I WILL be well enough to do it – rather than the somewhat easier, opposite approach of being all careful. So a while back, I promised Big Sis we’d go to this Spalding Summer Ball thing – and this time, I dragged Super Hubby and Lovely BF along too.

A wonderful time was had! The cold carvery was exactly as expected 🙂 and the cheesy, wedding reception dance moves were classic. I even won on the raffle – a kids ride-on tractor which has since found a very good home with a happy little boy.

Only down side was Big Sis’ food poisoning episode (not associated to the cold carvery, you’ll be pleased to hear) but she seems to have recovered.

Here’s a pic of me and Big Sis looking shecksy!!

Me & Bis Sis

Sisters …

Huge thanks to Becky (Big Sis’s buddy) for the loan of the lovely frock!

Well there you are, it’s neither cancer nor cupcakes but it’s an update nonetheless 🙂

Love you all xx

Silly Cancer

So, the last few weeks since we returned from Honeymoonapaloosa has been a little rough, truth be told.

Managed to get just one new fangled chemo treatment under my belt before being whisked off to hospital – first the terrible hellhole that is Croydon Mayday for a week, and then finally moved to the shiny and fabulous UCH for another week.

Basically, the nasty disease has sprouted a few more lesions in the lining of my brain box. In terms of symptoms, it was making me insanely nauseous and headachey. Fortunately, during the couple of weeks in the hozzy, the new lesions were spotted and the symptoms thankfully brought under control as much as possible.

They’ve also zapped me with four more fractions of radiotherapy to my brain. It is the weirdest thing – I actually feel ok except for the most extreme fatigue I can ever remember feeling. Hopefully , this fatigue will ease over the next week or so which is good as we’re cracking back on with the sexy chemo next week.

All go, right?

It’s a tough time at the moment, there’s no point in pretending otherwise. But please rest assured, we are still fighting, still smiling and as soon as I’m less tired and buy a new set of cake beaters, still baking !

Here’s us in the hospital last week! Cheese!!!


A Wonderful Honeymoon

Seems like a really long time ago now but at the end of April, the Great Husbando and I finally found our way onto our belated honeymoon.

We had a fascinating few days in Singapore followed by a blissful ten days by a stunning infinity pool in Phuket.

We really couldn’t have asked for anymore from the holiday at all. JUST LOVELY!


The one thing that we really need to do though is thank all of you incredibly generous and lovely people that donated to our honeymoon fund as wedding gifts. There’s no way on earth we would have been able to afford such luxury without you.

Yet again we are reminded just how lucky we are to have such wonderful friends, family and supporters.

So basically, please picture T and I, glass of fizz in hand raising a toast of thanks to you all! Cheers!!!!!!